Skyline above Lloyd's


UlysseRe fully owns a subsidiary called UlysseRe Limited in the city of London. This subsidiary recently changed its name from Lloyd Wright Consultants Limited. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is an insurance and reinsurance broker in its own right.

In addition, UlysseRe has a London-based Branch, UlysseRe UK Branch.  It is headed by Andrew Clowes and its principal purpose is to interact with Lloyd's of London.

Address of both entities:

Office Suite 2.15

34 Lime Street

London, EC3M 7AT

UlysseRe is a privately-owned reinsurance broker regulated by the Bank of Latvia. UlysseRe was founded in 1995 and its Head office is in Riga, Latvia. It provides services for clients from many parts of the world.